Where to Find Your Bike in Vancouver

“Bike shops in Vancouver” and “bike rental in Vancouver” are two terms that everyone is bound to hear when they visit this part of Canada. This city is known for a wide diversity of transportation options. In addition to a wide array of public and private transportation systems, it also has a bike plan that is quite impressive. Bike rental is one of the many service options that cyclists enjoy. Whether you are here for business or pleasure, you will certainly find a shop in the city that can provide you with everything that you need.

vancouver bike shops


One of the bike rental in Vancouver programs is the Cyclemobile. The company offers many different models of bikes depending on your preference and needs. Their specialty is offering affordable options for both adults and youth. Their bike is not like the others available because it can be folded so that it could be taken anywhere and everywhere you go. If you like to tour and travel often, the Cyclemobile would be the perfect choice for you to use.

Apart from the Cyclemobile, there are also other bike shops in downtown Vancouver. The most popular among them are the North Georgia Street bike shop and the Granville Cycle Shop. They have several different models of bike with various options for you. You can choose between short distance bikes and touring bikes.

The downtown area is also home to some of the best bike shops. The main bicycle shop in this area is the Evergreen Cycles. It features an indoor cycling class that you can take to improve your biking skills. Aside from this, they also feature group rides, road tests and family activities that you can join with the kids.

Apart from the Evergreen Cycles, there are also a number of other bike rentals in Vancouver. These bike rentals offer numerous options depending on what you want to do. If you have never tried bike rentals before, you might want to try bike rentals offered by the Cycles Rides Company. The Evergreen Bike Rental offers scenic bike tours to mountain bike rentals, and cross-country bike rentals.

When it comes to budget, Vancouver bike shops are not that hard to find. Most shops have weekly specials that include coupons and reduced prices. You should also consider asking your bike rental company if they offer monthly or seasonal package deals. This will ensure you get the lowest price possible. If you plan to bike everywhere in the city, visiting more than one bike shop is a must.

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