Wahoo Elemnt Roam vs Garmin Edge 830

Choosing a bikepacking GPS system is not easy. On one hand, you have the Edge series from Garmin, which is inexpensive and lightweight and is very good in mountain bike riding. On the other hand, there are the Wahoo Elemnt Roam vs Garmin Edge 830, which are considered by many to be the best bikepacking GPS system out on the market. So what makes it so great?


To start with, the Edge series from Garmin is extremely lightweight. While it is over an inch thick and still has all of the same functions as the older model, it still packs a major punch due to its advanced technology. If you regularly or plan on doing a lot of long distance road rides, then the Garmin Edge series is probably best for you, however the Wahoo Elemnt Roam vs Garmin Edge series will be perfect for those who like to go on road trips and ride for hours on end.


This is another great feature of the Wahoo lineup. The Elemnt Roam weighs in at only 411 grams, which is just about half of what the Garmin weighs. In addition to being lighter the Garmin gets you up higher and is easier to get on and off of. However if you are looking for a waterproof GPS with a large battery life then the Edge series might be better for you.


Most bikepacking GPS systems don’t come with heart rate monitors built in, but this is a standard on the Edge series. If you are serious about your biking (and you should be) then you should make sure you get a heart rate monitor included. In addition to being more accurate you will find that if you do run into problems you will actually be able to track your workout. This will allow you to get back on the road as soon as possible.


A built in memory is a nice feature as well. Not only will it allow you to store your rides in case you forget where you had them saved but it will also help you remember how long each segment was. This is important for any serious bikepacking enthusiast and can save countless hours of lost rides.


Price comparisons like these are tough, but the Edge line wins hands down. When you add all of the features offered and the fact that it is waterproof, you will find that it is a good value for its price tag. While bikepacking can definitely be fun it can also be challenging. There are so many things you need to know when riding on the road. So, be sure that you purchase the best bikepacking GPS system available so that you can enjoy even more of it.

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