What is an Suntour SP12-NCX Bike Suspension Seatpost?

suntour suspension seatpost


A Suntour SP12-NCX  bike suspension Seatpost is the best for long-distance riding. It is designed with 50mm of travel, which is the maximum available on a bike today. The seat is designed to provide a smooth ride through its lower and middle parts. Its patented rebound damper design absorbs road vibration and produces a smooth-riding experience.   This Seatpost is best for Mountain biking, bikepacking, road biking and bike commute.


  • Whether riding long, rough roads or ripping down trails, the Suntour NCX absorbs road vibrations and smoothes the ride
  • Internal Coil with preload adjust/Stainless steel bushing parallelogram built to last
  • Parallelogram system
  • 50mm of travel
  • Side clamp has a radial detent with wide adjustment range
  • Maximum extension of 300mm height for 350mm length
  • Internal coil spring design
  • Recommended maximum rider weight: 250 lbs.
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty included

The Suntour NCX  seat post has a rear shaped curve to it. This is what the geometry is all about – minimizing the slippage from a side to a side impact of a two-wheeled vehicle. The seat post goes through a ball-bearing bearing center that allows for a direct and linear weight transfer from the rear wheel to the rear seat. It also creates a stable platform to where the bike will sit in relation to the road.

Best for Long-Distance Road bikes, Bikepacking and Touring

The Suntour NCX bike suspension Seatpost can be used in both roads touring bikes and gravel biking. You can choose the one that suits you best. It comes with a removable padded spring seat and a steel frame. However, when you are using this particular type of bike, it is important to ensure that the bike is properly inflated. An air pump will help maintain proper inflation if needed.

This post is Patented parallelogram design post that is able to absorb vibration while cornering perfect for mountain biking. The material used for the seat plate is lightweight aluminum, which offers a smooth transition from top to bottom speed. It comes with a threaded brass seat post cap. This cap easily attaches or detaches and offers you the option to change out the seat for a different look.

Suntour Suspension Materials

This post has an aluminum plate that is suspended by a series of high-tensile steel springs. These springs are able to absorb the shock of a road and absorb it with efficiency. The material that the posts are made of is lightweight aluminum, which offers a smooth transition between top to bottom speed. There is a threaded brass seat post cap. This cap easily attaches or detaches and offers you the option to change out the seat for a different look.

To make your ride super comfortable you can also pair it with a super comfortable bike seat.   Choosing the correct seat is important because it provides support to the bike when you are riding. The seat post is designed to give you comfort, performance, and durability for years of use.

When you’re ready to buy your next bike, you should consider using Sontour NCX-SP suspension seatpost.

Suspension Seatpost versus Spring Saddle

Suspension seatpost is made from thicker material and has more to give. This makes them better for jumping and doing hard workouts. When choosing between a suspension seatpost to spring saddle, make sure that you feel like you can give the bike a good workout with them on. If you are unsure, then go with a spring saddle. On a final note, suspension seatpost are typically more expensive than spring.


Suntour suspension has been proven to work very well on many different kinds of bikes and has been the main way that mountain bikers have been able to adjust their suspension for years. This makes it very easy to get the best suspension setup for your bike and gives you the best ride every time. As far as a “how to adjust suspension seatpost” goes, there are three main parts to it. The top tube angle, the lower shock absorbers, and the top tube. To change anything other than these three parts is pretty much impossible and will almost always require special equipment or custom bike builds.


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