Strongbow’s Origin8 Handlebar for Bikepacking

Origin8 Strongbow, durable and long-lasting beefy handlebars are a great choice for any bikepacking enthusiast. Great for all road, mountain, or dirt bike uses.

For ultimate comfort and versatility, go for the full coverage slack (or v-bar) design. Alternative flat-bar style offers multiple hand positions with optimized control for optimal ergonomic comfort and increased performance output.

Bikepacking Handlebar

Great for Bikepacking and trail riding. It’s lightweight and durable enough to take a punch in the toughest terrain. It is made of a heavy-duty 60-mm aluminum alloy frame and wide foot platform for extra tough grip and stability. Plenty of barroom for various accessories and lots of freestyle bar attachments for numerous cycling disciplines.

This bar has multiple hand position options and enough back sweep to make it extremely comfortable with ergon grips. It comes really wide out off the box. It has marks so you can trim it down to your desired length.
I highly recommend this handlebar to anyone looking for a moderate back sweep.

It can carry a small bag in the middle. Ideal for storage gadgets snacks, phone and etc.

V Bar Shape

The slack (v-bar) handlebars offer great benefits as they can be used in different ways. For example, you can use the v-bar as a normal bar or attach it to the handlebar by means of a quick-release buckle.

This gives you the freedom to change gears without taking your hands off the bike. These are ideal for mountain biking and hybrid bikepacking.

If you’re planning on biking on rough terrain though, you’ll find it best to get a bike handlebar that sits higher on your bike frame to allow for maximum leverage.

The slack handlebars are extremely light, yet extremely sturdy and comfortable to use. These are the perfect match for those who love biking and motorcycle ride but don’t like having huge, heavy and unsightly racks for their bike. The slack handlebars are made from a tough ABS plastic that is also extremely resistant to rusting and will not easily dent. These are great for bikepacking trips and weekend road rides.

Backsweep Design Matters

Mountain bike handlebar backsweep makes it possible to bike in a relaxed position, thus getting the most out of your cycling. Bicycles that come with built-in bike handlebar reels are very popular among backpackers and bike tourers because they can be used while riding either on smooth pavement or rough terrain.

The handlebar is design improves through the years allowing you to maintain a relaxed position while you pedal. Most bike frame designs of today have been designed to provide a comfortable ride; therefore you should make sure that your bike’s handlebar units are comfortable when riding.

Correct Handlebar Height

The height of your handlebar should be based on how much pressure your hands can bear. On a straight road with little hills, a higher handlebar would provide more support. On a long-distance ride, a lower handlebar would provide more leverage for a lighter riding position and prevent fatigue. The distance the rider spends on each pedal is also an important factor in the height of the handlebar. The closer the distance the rider rides the more vertical distance the bar must push up against to move the rider’s hands from their hands at the front to their pedals at the back.

Choose Handlebars Designed for Long Distance Ride

Your handlebars should be positioned in such a way that they are level with your shoulders when you are riding a long-distance bike ride. This will take you to a smooth and comfortable bike ride no matter what kind of roads you are going on. The handlebar for comfortable bike riding is designed to keep your weight as close as possible to your center of gravity so that you do not feel tired even if you have been riding for a long time.

There are many handlebars for comfortable bike riding designs available in the market. They come in different shapes, styles, and sizes. You can choose from among the different models to suit your personal preference.

Saddle for overall right Comfort

For longer rides then you have to choose the best saddle, this bike saddle provides both comfort and support. You should also consider whether you need a padded seat, or not. The main difference between padded seats on bikes, and those on regular chairs are that on a regular seat if you lean your weight on one leg, chances are, the seat won’t have nearly as much to give as it does on a bike.

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