Sram Omnium Crankset Review

In this Sram Omnium review, we’re going to discuss the pros, cons, and benefits of one of the leading indoor disc brakes on the market. SRAM Omnium is a new dual-sided track crankset that’s been designed for high-performance racing but can also be used for day-to-day track use. It features SRAM’s heavier and sturdier aluminum forging, which is combined with an aggressive styling that focuses on performance above all else. The main features of the Omnium cranked by SRAM are its solid-mounted aluminum frame, which makes it more resistant than other dual-sided cranked bike frames, and the beefy dual-sided bearings. While this review is primarily focusing on the pros, there are several pros that we will discuss on the con side, as well.


The first benefit we’ll talk about is that the SRAM Omniums is among the lightest and most responsive mini-rice rockets on the market. The min 192 kbps offered from the hydraulic system makes this possible, since there’s not the need for an expensive spring system to support the dual-sided nature of the bearings. The overall weight of the Omnium system is less than ten pounds for the steel frame, and a mere thirty-six pounds for the aluminum frame. This is all while maintaining the same sleek, compact appearance of other SRAM products.


The second benefit of the Sram Omnium review is that the company provides full replacement parts for their track cranksets. You won’t need to replace your gearbox or cassette if you’ve worked with one of these systems for any length of time. For those who may be considering other brands for their next set of indoor disc brakes, this is huge. Not only are there many compatible products from other companies, but they also have many different makes and models. The best part of it is that the ones that are made by other companies typically won’t do nearly as good of a job. Since you’re already getting top-notch quality in your SRAM Omniums, you can feel confident that your investment will last you for many years.

Single Speed Crank

With a single-speed crankset, it is possible to obtain an effective, lightweight, and efficient workout without having to sacrifice much on performance. For instance, even though a lightweight mountain bike may have fewer parts, the entire system can weigh very little compared to other bikes in the same category. This makes it easier for a single speed crankset to achieve a smooth, comfortable ride. Also, since the frame is lightweight, you can expect that you will spend less time in the hospital after an accident because of less stress placed on your body.


Best in Shifting

A proprietary dual chain guard system keeps the chain from shifting unexpectedly while a sturdy reinforced crankcase, chain, and sprockets hold the frame together and provide superb acceleration and maneuverability. The result is a bike that look great, performs wonderfully, and feels even better under the guidance of a competent rider.

Technical Innovation of Crankset Technology

A new innovation in this industry Omnium cranksets are lightweight yet very strong, running smoothly and precisely the way riders like. The result is a bike that is both fast and smooth while allowing the rider to feel as if they have a small amount of personal control over the bike.


Omnium cranksets are designed for heavy-duty usage. The crankset is made of high alloy steel and is available in a wide range of sizes. Available in a number of configurations, the crankset is capable of providing a variety of performance benefits to users. With long-lasting components, the Omnium crankset ensures that the user can use the machine for many years without any problems. The strength of the materials used in the construction of the crankset ensures that users can use it for many years. Since it is an aluminum alloy, the parts that come out of the machine are also resistant to corrosion.


Since they come with high levels of durability, users can be assured of long-lasting performance from the Omnium crankset. They are also available with a long operating life span.


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