A Satori Suspension Seatpost Review

A Satori Suspension Seatpost Review – Will it Save Your Day?

This is my personal Satori suspension Seatpost review. Since this is a review of my own bike, which is a Satori solo bicycle mountain bike seat post, it has to be pretty honest. I am not going to lie to you, in any way shape or form. My review is based on my experiences with both the Satori singles and tandem bikes.


The first time I got off the bike, I was a little surprised at how much travel I had when riding my Satori solo. It seemed like my feet had more cushion than they normally do, even on a long ride. After about an hour and a half of riding on the smooth road surface, suddenly I found myself on a bump. I read that the suspension on the Satori bikes is very stiff, but I didn’t think that was enough to jar me on my back. So after getting off the bike, I went to test it out, and boy was I glad that I did.

First Impression

The first thing I noticed about the suspension on the Satoris is that there is quite a bit of flex. I found that it was hard for me to keep my balance as I was pedaling hard. After a few moments however, the Satori suspension seatpost really started to feel stiff, like a board. This meant that although the bike is a bit more expensive, it is worth it for what you get. It is not so flimsy that you are going to break a leg on it every time you pedal, but it does feel stiffer. For me though, it is the lack of shock absorption that makes the Satoris superior.

satori suspension seatpost

The other thing that I noticed about the satori Animaris bicycle suspension seat post, is that it is quite comfortable. It has been built with a very cushy seat that sits just above the hips. I found that I didn’t even need to use the legs to pedal as the seatpost was so plush on the frame that I could pedal with confidence. When I did use the legs, it didn’t feel like they were bothering me, but for some people, it might. It is all subjective of course.

30.9x350mm how to soften

The Satori suspension seat post is also quite rigid when it comes to the suspension of the bike. I have ridden many bikes that have had similar rigid suspension, and some of them were far more comfortable to ride than this one. When you are riding on a road with steep gradients, and large rocks or obstacles in your path, having a bike that is stiff as a ball will always save you time and trouble. When you compare it to a bike with a flexible spring suspension, you will see that the Satori is leaps and bounds ahead in both comfort and performance.

Materials of Satori Suspension Seatpost

The frame on the Satori is also well built. It is made from aluminum, which is durable enough to stand up against the abuse that it is sure to take. The bike shock is also very good in this department. The way that the shock is placed on the bike makes a huge difference. If you want a smooth ride that is quiet and smooth, then you are looking at getting this bike you can adjust the diameter but the standard is 30.9x350mm. You won’t be disappointed by the performance of the Satori Suspension SeatPost.

How to adjustment satori suspension seatpost

Check out the video below start @07:10 on how he install and adjust the Satori Suspension Seatpost size of  30.9x350mm. Enjoy

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