Salsa Anything Cage HD Review

The Anything cage HD is an innovative modular carrying device that makes a flexible holding solution for attaching lightweight, back-pack-mounted equipment, or even larger bottles of water on the bike, enabling for a more varied and expansive riding experience.

Flaps for securing bottles are easily attached using our patented Velcro system. Attaching devices to water-bottle cages via Salsa Anything cycle rack fittings. Flaps are compatible with most rear bike racks. Cage weight: 150g.


The cage’s overall weight limit is important because you don’t want your cargo weight limit to be too light when you’re hauling a lot of stuff on your back! The cage’s maximum load limit is equivalent to twice the weight of the heaviest rider (the bike’s saddlebag). For example, if you have a bike’s saddlebag, then you know the maximum load limit is six hundred pounds (dry, without pedals or other accessories). If you have two bikes, then you know your maximum load limit is twelve hundred pounds (dry).


You can also use the salsa Anything Cage HD in conjunction with other Anything Cages, such as the Sea Ray Anything Cage, Sea Ray Anything Bag, or other triathlon bags. With all of these accessories installed, the load limit of the salsa Anything HD will double. And it won’t be as heavy as a one-person bike carrier, which has a maximum weight limit of five pounds per person. In addition, the weight limit won’t be as heavy as an ocean-going bicycle carrier, which has a maximum weight limit of ten pounds per person. Even though it’s called the “Salsa Anything” frame, it doesn’t look like much, but it packs a punch!


This product is made from a high impact-resistant nylon/elastic strap material. The straps are soft and comfortable, while allowing for full separation when necessary. Some say it looks like a harness, but it doesn’t really look like anything. The product consists of three pieces, a top section that attaches to the cage, and a polyurethane bottom section that attach to the bottom of the carrier. It also includes an impact resistant nylon wrist strap.


The main complaint about this product is that the hoses, straps, and nylon straps separate when you open the container. While this may seem like a minor complaint, it can become problematic in certain situations. In addition, the ability to easily remove the entire carrier can make this a poor choice for people who need to transport a lot of objects in a limited amount of space. If you’re looking for a good overall solution for transporting a load in an efficient manner, then the salsa Anything cage HD might not be the best option for you.


Overall, the salsa anything cage hd is a decent solution for anyone looking for a simple way to store and transport food. It provides a simple storage container that doesn’t have many capabilities that aren’t extremely useful. It doesn’t offer much in the way of flexibility or extras beyond the basic strap attachments. This means that if you don’t have a lot of use for the cage, or you don’t plan on using it that much, then this is a decent option. For those people who do use it frequently, and who require the ability to store and transport food, then the capabilities of the Anything Bag are much better.

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