Prime Merino Carbon Handlebar


  • Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Drop: 125mm
  • Reach: 78mm
  • Di2 Compatible: Yes
  • Internal Cable Routing: Yes
  • Bar Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Bar Bend: 4 degrees (outward bend)
  • Weight: 235g

When selecting your prime Merino carbon bike handlebar, there are a few important things to consider. While it’s possible to go off the mark as far as features go with a cheap bar, it’s not recommended, as it’s quite possible that the bar that you choose will have a negative impact on your riding. For a strong, comfortable riding experience, we recommend that you invest in a high-quality bar.

Improve Hand Position

A good quality Primavera Carbon Bar makes your riding experience more enjoyable, as well as offering excellent support while you’re riding. Our newly redesigned front triangle design provides improved hand positioning for all riding positions and all riding styles and the new 125mm drop and 78mm front reach increase stiffness, so that you can handle a medium to long-distance epic without any difficulties. Strong and lightweight, these bars are sturdy yet very light at just 235g in the front triangle and provide superb rigidity and strength.

Innovative and Aerodynamic Handlebar

The aero handlebar is designed to improve your balance and braking response while providing a reliable platform to build upon. This handle bar aerodynamic design also gives comfort but also relaxing even on a long ride.  A prime Merino carbon handlebar is made from the finest fibers available and has been specifically designed to reduce brake stress and maximize your riding performance.

The front end of the handlebar has been designed to be fully removable for ease of cleaning and even removal during competitions.

Better Control and Stability

Unlike many other handlebars on the market, our front aero bar is fully supported by the top bar. It provides increased stability and greater sensitivity for better control. The front end of the term handlebar is also highly adjustable, offering a huge range of pre-installed mounting positions. This means that if you have a special riding technique such as low, high, or medium hand throttle settings, it is easy to mount the bar in the most efficient way possible.

Material Use

Due to our material, the prime Merino carbon fiber is very light. Unlike many other handle bars, it is very light even when wet. Its excellent lightweight ensures maximum performance from your rig, whether you’re enjoying a classic race or a leisurely ride during the weekend. We recommend mounting the bar at least 600mm lower than the front wheel centerline of the bike, which ensures the least amount of stress on the front suspension. This will ensure maximum suspension travel and adjustability when adjusting the suspension for different tracks and terrains.

Strength and Durability

When it comes to strength, the prime bar is very firm, with a total weight of just over five hundred grams. This is made up almost entirely of carbon fiber, with the remainder consisting of Kevlar for strength and wear resistance. Due to its composites, the carbon fiber does not break or chip easily, meaning that it can be used in high-performance racing bikes. The strength of the bar is further improved by the way in which it is designed to provide support while keeping weight to a minimum. It also offers great springiness, meaning that you won’t be subject to the dreaded feeling of being slammed between the bars after a good race.

Unique Design

The design of the handlebar is unique, with the front bar extending higher than the back. Due to this, the weight sits higher up, and the handlebar falls below the handlebar mount. The front wheel is supported by a clip-on suspension system, and this works perfectly with the heavy-duty Brembo brakes. A great deal of care has gone into the production of the Prime Merino Carbon Bike Handlebar, and you can be sure that it will last you a long time due to its unique construction. Due to its beauty, it’s likely that more people will pick up the styling of the bike as well.