Review of the Porcelain Rocket Charlene Saddle Bag


The Porcelain Rocket Charlene Saddle Bag is a new take on the bikepacking saddle bag. It features a quilted nylon shell that will protect your stuff from the elements while giving you the support and comfort you need for any type of riding experience. The outside of the bag has been specifically engineered to prevent water from getting inside and to keep your gear dry. It also has an external mesh pocket that will allow for easy access to your stuff and includes a removable protective cover for ventilation purposes. While this may not be something you would normally see on a motorcycle saddle bag, it does the job for the price you’re paying.

The inside of the bag has several compartments including a stash compartment big enough to store up your dry bags or other small items, an internal hydration sleeve for your water bottle, and an adjustable strap for stability. The strap has been designed to work with any handlebar style bike and to also accommodate saddlebags and other bikepacking accessories. One of the most popular features of the bag is the patented “no strap” design, which allows riders to quickly and easily add the bag on to their existing bike without any additional hardware. This allows riders to continue to enjoy the added convenience of the bag without losing any of the convenience of their bike.


If you ride often and already own a couple of other bikepacking saddle bags, then the Rocket may not be for you. This is because of the additional storage space provided by the other bags. The Rocket is made specifically for two people to comfortably share a saddlebag. On the other hand, if you do not have much gear then you probably will not be happy with the lack of extra storage space. However, if you plan to spend a lot of time traveling with your bicycle, then the Rocket is a great bikepacking saddle bag. It is lightweight and packs away easily, even when filled with some of your standard bikepacking items.

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