Tips on Buying Mountain Bike Gloves

Mountain bikers are all familiar with mountain bike gloves, but the types also differ by manufacturer. You will find that most companies will produce a line of biking gloves, most of which are similar in design and feature some variation on the standard half finger protection that is offered with each model. You can select from padding that is designed to protect your palms and fingers in the event of an accident or injury, or you can select gloves that are more for protection than they are for comfort. You can find gloves that are fit snugly against your hands so that little fingers don’t get pinched between the padding and the grip of the bike handlebars, or you can find models that fit just right around the fingers but provide protection from bumps, scrapes, and rocks that could hit your palms.

The padding that is fitted to your biking gloves will be designed to conform to the contours of your fingers and palms, so that chafing, scrapes, and bruises do not occur. There are two primary areas that you might experience chafing while riding: on the palms of your hands and at the ends of your fingers. The padding on these areas of your gloves should conform to the shape of your hands and fingers as closely as possible to ensure maximum protection. Some manufacturers of this type of padding have developed their own special design and style that they offer exclusively to their customers.

If you plan to wear full finger guards (which is the most recommended), you may want to also consider purchasing the matching wrist padding that is available. With the addition of a full finger guard you will receive extra protection for your wrists as well as forearms. Most companies that manufacture and supply this type of padding will have it custom fitted to meet your individual needs.

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