What’s the Difference Between the Kinekt Suspension Seatpost and other suspension Seatpost?

The Kinekt suspension Seatpost is made out of lightweight aluminum, making it easy to install. The Kinekt suspension Seatpost is smooth and streamlined, offering pre-load ability to effectively isolate the body from airborne surface vibrations and impacts, thus improving control, comfort, and stability. This increased isolation also increases comfort, increased control, and increased confidence, which in turn leads to a better ride overall. If you’re looking for a simple, affordable seat post, the Kinekt seat posts are well worth consideration.

kinekt suspension seatpost


The first thing to consider when looking at a Kinekt suspension Seatpost is whether or not you want a one-piece or multi-piece design. The one-piece design has proven to be the most popular amongst professional riders and amateur riders alike because of its simplicity and low price. With the single-piece design, all of the weight goes on the top tube, creating a smooth, low-profile profile design that is especially useful for rough pavement or dirt roads. However, the single-piece design isn’t ideal for use on smooth pavement or gravel roads due to the increased stress on the tubes. Multi-piece designs, however, are more resilient and more apt to wear against tougher elements.

When looking at the pros and cons of the Kinekt suspension Seatpost versus the others on the market, you should first think about the difference between rigid and flexible. Rigid seatposts are designed to withstand the hardest impacts without compromising control or comfort. This means that they are best suited for use on smooth roads or gravel where the effects of bumps and vibrations aren’t as significant. On the other hand, flexible ones are designed to absorb and redirect minor shocks and vibrations. They are typically used on road bikes and mountain bikes where the suspension travel is greater than the individual wheels and there is more risk of damaging the frame if the shock or vibration is high enough. To that end, it is imperative that when you are looking for a good seatpost, you look for one that will work well with your riding style.


The next thing to consider when buying a Kinekt suspension Mtb is the fact that the company offers two suspension types, namely the MTB and the twocicle. MTB stands for multi-rambler and is ideal for use on rough terrain and gravel. The twocicle, meanwhile, is a design that allows the rider to adjust the tension of the suspension in order to fine-tune the performance of the bike.

The advantage of using the finest suspension seatpost on a MTB is that it is designed to absorb the shock of downward impacts by providing cushioning at the point of contact. If you already have a rough ride that involves lots of bumps along the way, then the MTB is the perfect choice because it can absorb the shock of the bumps without becoming softened and flattened. On the other hand, if you want to have the best performance from your MTB, then it is best to use the twocicle design on your seat. The design allows the rider to adjust the suspension by moving the bars in either direction. This will make for a comfortable ride, especially during longer rides.

When choosing between a MTB and the two cycle, consider also the price. The MTB is usually more expensive, but the savings come from the features and quality that come with the suspension. For instance, the MTB can be fitted with different lengths of suspension and comes with various locking systems such as lock/ unlocking system, front-wheel lock, rear lock and pinion. You will also find that the MTB is designed with stronger, higher-tech wheels that are stronger and can absorb more bumps and vibrations. The twocicle, on the other hand, is made from lesser material that can be bought for less compared to the MTB. Both of these seats have their own pros and cons and the decision is entirely up to you as to which one you should choose.

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