Giro Hex Review – Why it is Probably the Best MTB Helmet

Giro hex helmet this is one of the mid-range mountain bike helmets.  One of good-looking helmet as and you can see it’s looks petty rugged tough look.
The Helmet material is a power shell which made of polycarbonate and they have their own technology with an outer shell.
The polycarbonate the EPS foam had been heated up and put into one piece.   which makes the helmet a lot lighter it keeps the weight. One of the best features you can use to this helmet is that if you have a visor on this one which is adjustable about 15 degrees of movement on it and it is removable if you want to take it off there’s just two snaps on the side and does come off on the hex.
  You also have the rock lock one of the zeros systems for keeping the helmet on your head you tighten it and loosens it gives you a nice snug fit. keeps it nice and firm on your head and maybe so the helmet doesn’t move around when you’re riding.
the best feature about this helmet, in my opinion, is the ventilation on it there’s 21 vents and all on this helmet and they’re  designed to get you a lot of airflows so when you’re writing you feel a ton of airflow going to your head keeps you nice and cool so that’s the hex helmet this helmet is a good helmet for for people not looking to spend a ton of money want to get a good all-mountain helmet this is the one so we pick up the hex and get sizing charts
The Giro hex review, I did have many good things to say about this brand of helmets. They are very reasonably priced and very high quality for their price. They do have the best overall design, but they do not sacrifice safety. The Giro hex helmet has many great features.

The Giro Hex mountain bike helmets feature a tough rugged design, high performance, and very impressive value. Features that the new Rodeo range of bicycle helmets has, which the Giro hex does not have. The new Roc Loc 5.5 fit system means that these helmets are now easier to adjust than ever before.

When more than ten years after its conception, the revolutionary Fit system is finally offered in a bike helmet. This system offers an unparalleled level of adjustability, comfort, and safety. With the new Roc Loc 5.5, you are now easily able to dial-in both adjustability and fit tension with just a single hand. This makes it just as easy to use as any other standard bicycle helmets, but with added safety. In fact the extra large eye pads that come standard on the Giro hex and atmos helmet helps make them more comfortable.


The feature that is unique on these bike helmets is the Giro indicator helmet strap. If you use any other type of bicycle helmet then you won’t need to read this review as you would not understand what the advantage is that cycling shoes comes with. However if you are like me and cycle a lot, then the strap is really useful, I can get my hands on my glasses just as easy as if I had used a regular pair of cycling shoes.


I must say that this is probably the best designed feature of the giro indicator helmet. I have been using them for a number of years now, they are just as comfortable wearing as the regular cycling shoes. I also find them easier to clean compared to some of the other brands of bicycle helmets. One of the reasons why I prefer them so much is because they feel just like real bike shoes. You don’t have to worry about them sliding around when you go over a bump in the road. Another great feature is the lock-and-lock system, which allows you to adjust the strap to your preferred fit.



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