Best Backpack Panniers

If you like to cycle on the weekends with friends then you’ll probably spend quite a bit of time on your bike, so you need to make sure that your pannier backpack is strong enough to withstand repeated cycles on uneven and bumpy terrain.

What is a Pannier Backpack

It is a convertible backpack that can be attached to a  bike pannier. It comes very handily especially when you’re in a hurry

So if you are looking to buy a bike pannier make sure it can the attachment system is compatible with any kind of bike racks.
Most bike panniers are not that expensive, but some are usually worth the extra cash brands like Ortlieb, Vaude Aqua, jones simply because of the materials and also waterproof.

Bike Pannier Racks

Enable cyclists to easily carry their equipment up the back of their bikes, and at the same time, securely hold up their bicycles. A typical bike carrier system includes a flexible carrier strap, a wheel clamp, and a frame clamp. All the hardware is neatly packaged within easy reach of the carrier.

The majority of bike pannier racks come equipped with an aluminum frame, for strength and durability. All bike pannier racks are able to safely hold single or double panniers, due to a sturdy, lightweight framework.

Timbuk2 Deploy Convertible Backpack Pannier


The Timbuk2 Deploy Convertible Backpack Pannier really is a unicorn. It is a versatile two-in-one backpack which actually does both functions very well. Certainly, you get more storage with two conventional panniers, but you also wouldn’t really have an odder looking backpack – especially if it’s got a little strap bar to give your back a smoother and sleeker shape.


Best for Commuting, bike touring
Convertible backpack & Pannier Yes
Water Resistant Yes
Load Capacity up to 28L (1709cu in)
Mount hook-and-loop pannier attachment
Pockets 1 roll-top main, 2 stretchy side, 1 front flap, 1 quick-access laptop (fits 13 x 11.8 in laptops)
Dimensions 11 x 18 x 6.3in
Warranty lifetime


  • The bag is water-resistant, it’ll simply just protect all your essentials inside
  • Quality Secure hook for easy attachment
  • Made of heavy-duty matte black rubber closure straps
  • easy pannier to backpack mode
  • Water-resistant fabric with a smooth hand and shutle sheen
  • This bag is extremely functional and accessible, adjust table air mesh straps
  • pockets that were designed for on-back access
  • Backpack pannier convertible to a pannier back
  • Reflective best for night ride

The Timbuk2 Deploy does an excellent job at doing the job as well. It’s the backpack you’d want to carry on a long hike or trip, yet it’s also just as comfortable as a full-size traditional backpack.

So if If you are looking for a backpack with great features and the best value for your money, then the Timbuk2 Deploy Convertible Backpack Pannier. The main feature of this product is that it is very lightweight – a full sixty pounds the bag is very light. Take note that the straps and harness are adjustable to your own body measurements making it very comfortable for you to wear. The backpack has many pockets and loops on the outside that make it easy to carry your hiking gear.

Blackburn Wayside Pannier Backpack


We definitely prefer the Blackburn Wayside Pannier Backpack. This product is considered to be the best in the market because of its superior quality and the fact that it comes with two different shoulder straps.


Best Use: Bike Commuting
Weight 36.64 oz
Backpack Capacity 19L
Bag Dimensions 280 x 140 x 415mm
Water-resistant – Yes Extra protection against the elements

The straps adjust to each individual size so that you can get it just right for your body, and it has been designed so it is extremely easy to put on and take off. The backpack is also equipped with two padded backpacks for extra convenience.

If you have to carry a lot of gear, then you need a good lightweight pack with multiple compartments and straps for organization. At the very least, you should get a medium-sized backpack that is large enough to hold all of your necessities and will fit all of your accessories.

We recommend the Blackburn Wayside Pannier Backpack for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable way to carry gear in style and comfort while on the road. This backpack is stylish, durable, offers convenience and value, and is very easy to use. With its many features and convenient pockets, it’s easy to see why so many people love this bike pannier pack.

Lone Peak Glacier Backpack Pannier

The Lone Peak Glacier Backpack Pannier System is made of durable and heavy-duty 1000D water resistant nylon that will ensure you get your money’s worth. The main compartment is large enough for holding a multitude of essential items, such as a water bottle, tube, cell phone, and your important documents.

Best for bike commuting
Convertible backpack & Pannier Yes
Water Resistant Yes
Load Capacity up to 28L (1709cu in)
Mount hook-and-loop pannier attachment 

This system is meant to be a multifunctional piece that will be able to use a pannier bag and a bckpack. You can carry gear, such as food, water, and other necessities while on the bike. You can also use the attached rain shell for ventilation purposes.

The Lone Peak packs sold individually for around 80 US dollars the Mount Olympus can be used in conjunction with some of lone Peaks larger pannier sets including the P 500 mount superior panniers shown here like all of Lum peaks panniers the Mount Olympus pannier day pack is made of a water-resistant.
  • Easy to convert pannier to backpack mode
  • Full-length polyethylene backing plates
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Top carry Handle
  • lock on pannier suspension
  • external compression strap unlike
  • Backpaner Zipper for Easy access

One of the best feature of this backpack is the easy convert from backpack more to pannier mode by simply unzip the pannier panel at the back then exposes a padded mesh back panel of the pannier and roll up the zippered flap, and tuck it into the bottom of the pack.  

The two shoulder straps hidden in the padded rear side of the pannier allow you to comfortably carry up to one thousand two hundred and thirty cubic inches on your back.
This pannier System is suitable for bike commuting and has been created to help you get more out of your time. It is the perfect solution for cyclists who do a lot of mountain biking and trail running.  

A rear pocket is included with the pannier to keep all of your smaller gear in while on the bike. This particular pocket is designed in such a way that it allows you to store small objects that you might want to have on hand while biking. One of the most important features about the Velo backpack pannier is the built-in saddlebags that have hydraulic handles and will help you carry a load that is easier and safer.


Arkel Bug Pannier Backpack


This backpack pannier is designed to carry your gear on a daily commute by bike or on foot.  The conversion from pannier to backpack is quick and easy.

Best for Bike Commuting
Convertible backpack & Pannier Yes
Water Resistant Yes
 Mount hook-and-loop pannier attachment
Pockets – 2 side mesh pockets
Warranty lifetime

The bag shoulder strap system is hidden behind a zippered flap so it’s always clean and easy to access to convert from pannier mode to backpack. Just secure the bungee hook behind either of the top mounting hooks unzip both sides of the flap and tuck it away in the stow pocket at the bottom of the bag.

The back of the bag is padded for comfort and the shoulder strap harness is designed to keep the hook system Hardware away from your body and backpack mode when you’re ready to ride again just reach for the flap in the bottom pocket fold the straps zip each side and bring the bungee and hook back into place from backpack to pannier in seconds.

a hook system that keeps the bags locked to the rack is essential for urban use you’ll take the bag on and off frequently our cam lock system makes it easy and foolproof completely adjustable.


The hooks and track are made of ultralight strong aluminum not plastic. It will support heavy loads of books groceries or extra work from the office.

Arkel Pannier Backpack is made to last the fabric is tough 1000 Denia Cordura nylon and an extra-large YKK zipper on the main compartment for durability.


  • Arkel bag offers a spacious fully accessible main compartment for clothing and larger gear it’s incredibly easy to fill and organized using the top to bottom zipper feature.
  • Also equipped the bag with a u-lock storage pocket.
  • quick access zippered compartment for wallet and electronics
  • 2 side mesh pockets for a quick grab and go items and a strap down
    helmet holder
  • the larger zippered pocket up front is perfect for bigger quick access items you might have and it
    includes a
  • convenient key hook reflective logos on the front and sides of the bag increased rider visibility
    and safety an
  • An optional padded laptop pouch is available for this bag it’s sold separately it easily attaches. inside the bag to carry and protect a laptop,
  • Arkell rain cover adds another layer of waterproof protection increases visibility, and keeps grime off your bag it’s also sold separately only the most

durable material is going to every Arkell product and we offer a lifetime warranty match Arkel designed for
cyclists by cyclists

The Arkel Bug Pannier Backpack is a revolutionary hybrid design between a daypack and a backpack.

So what did I think of the backpack? Well, while it may not be the prettiest design on the market (and some people might disagree), I can say that it’s quite sturdy. The seams are very sturdy and the zippers, although a bit on the rough side, were easy to use and fast to unzip. It’s also very lightweight, which is perfect if you’re going on any kind of backpacking trip. It weighs just over four pounds, which is perfect for any sort of travel whether it’s for business or pleasure.

Steps by Steps Guide on how to attach the Backpack to a Pannier

How to attach the backpack to a pannier is simple but does depend on the model.

  1. We recommend attaching the pannier to the right-hand side of the pannier rack
  2. click fasteners must be open.  if there is a heavy tuck on the back strap they opened automatically the bag is connected to the pannier rack and locked by pressing the clasps together.
  3.  to fill or empty the Pannier open this clip faster than roll the upper end of the pannier.
  4.  the area is secured by following this step in reverse roll up the upper end twice and then secure the clip fastener.
  5. the pannier is made from waterproof material and rolling it also prevents any water from getting in
The typical seat attachment of a bike carrier has an adaptor plate that needs to be attached to the top tube of the bike.  There are different styles and designs of bike carrier but most of the panniers has a standard set up that can easy to attach on the bike rack.
Many bike carriers have made adjustments over the years, so now they are very sturdy and reliable. If you have not already looked into bike carrier attachments you may want to look into these carriers and what they offer your riding needs.


Factors to Consider Before Buying convertible Backpack Panniers

It is common that bike touring equipment such as bike panniers, bike straps for carrying luggage are sold separately. However, there are times when you would want to use all these equipment together. In such cases, it becomes necessary to buy convertible backpack panniers.

These are available in different shapes and sizes so as to meet the requirements of people while traveling. There is a need to buy a bike pannier that is suitable for the bike being used. The following information will highlight some useful factors to consider before buying the convertible bike panniers.


Fabric – The main feature to look at is the quality of the fabric used. This should be water-resistant and windproof. If you intend to carry heavy loads on the bike, then you will definitely need high-quality material and construction. There should be no seams or holes on the pack.

High-Quality Zippers– High-quality zippers ensure that the load is securely held without any leakage. Best Convertible Backpack Panniers comes with a protective rain cover.


Size – The size of the carrier depends on the weight of the load. Therefore, for long-distance bike trips you can go for the bigger size, while for short-distance journey you can go for the small ones. The best convertible backpack panniers come with a shoulder strap and cordura handles.

You can choose from different colors including black, brown and leather. You will also find that there are many brands available. Some popular brands include ibera, Timbuk2, Black Bucket, Pannier, and Cordura.

How To Attach Pannier To A Bicycle

There are different ways of how to attach a pannier to a bicycle, depending on the type of bicycle you have. The attachment of a pannier is usually done for the rear wheel travel systems as well as the front wheel travel systems.

Common Areas to Attach Pannier to a bicycle

Rear Wheel –  The attachment of a pannier is usually done for the rear wheel it can carry more weight compared to the front wheel

Front Wheel – When the rear pannier is loaded then you can also attach it to the front. But the weight on the front is not equal to the back. More weight from the front may affect the ride control.

Materials Attachment Use

The material that the straps will be made out of will vary depending on how to attach a pannier to a bicycle and what type of bicycle you have.

There are mainly two types of attachment – Velcro straps and hook and loop straps. The hook and loop attachment are usually the easiest one to set up, but it is also the most limited one when it comes to the materials that they can hold.

When looking at how to attach pannier to a bicycle, one of the most important considerations is the type of attachment that you want to use.

Velcro Straps – very common material found in bags and you can purchase velcro almost anywhere.  You can do DIY or repair with ease. It is very easy to attach bag panniers using Velcro to any backpack, even backpacks with heavy duty models.

fabric straps can be changed or removed very easily without tearing the bag. All that’s left for you to do is to strap it onto your bike and off you go.

Loops Straps

There are mainly two types of attachment – Velcro straps and hook and loop straps. The hook and loop attachment are usually the easiest to set up, but it is also the most limited one when it comes to the materials that they can hold.

If you are going to buy hooks and loop straps, since they will last a long time, it is best to make sure they are made of solid, high-quality materials.

Even though they might cost you more, they are also long-lasting so you will definitely get your money’s worth after a while.

You have to be careful with the material that the hooks and loop straps are made from because if it were to somehow rip or tear, there would be no way of fixing the problem.

Size of the Backpack Pannier

Another thing that you should consider when looking at how to attach pannier to a bicycle is the size of the attachment. If you want something that will last a long time without having to replace it anytime soon, it is best to buy the smallest attachment that you can find. If the attachment that you are going to use has more weight than what the standard pannier can carry, then you might consider buying the next biggest attachment available in the market.




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