Alpine Luddite Provides High Quality Bikepacking Bags With Durable Construction and Great Design

Looking around at what was on offer came across the Alpine Luddite website. Looking closer, however I discovered that this was a British company whose stock and products were importing and sell Karrimore & Alpine backpacks, rather than bikepacking bags. Looking at the website I noticed that their products were of a high quality, built to last, with great customer service and a great selection. Looking at the website further, I noticed that Alpine Luddite products were only available in Europe. Looking at the pictures on the website, I noticed that the company also distributed Classic Packs for touring in the USA and other European countries.


After spending some time browsing the website I realised that this was not the Alpine Luddite bike bag that I was looking for. Looking closer, I realised that the company’s focus was on customisation of products and bike bags.

I decided to look at how Alpine Luddite could customise my outdoor products in such a way as to meet my needs. First I thought to myself, “would it be possible to use these same colours for all of my products, both bike and camping”? After some research it was indeed possible to use all colors of Alpine Luddite gear in my backpack’s without modifications. So after spending time searching for standard packs and backpacks online, all I did was add a small line or two of Alpine Luddite to my personalised camping packs and backpacks. Now I have complete camping and hiking backpacks that have been built by the company and which are now being used as backpacks by other members of my family.


A couple of things that make Luddite a unique brand is its attention to detail and its use of high quality materials that make for extremely long lasting outdoor packs. The company also produces a range of classic backpacks that feature their signature style and use of hardwoods. These packs are a great choice for people who want to purchase a bag with strong durability and style but who do not necessarily need to travel on rough terrain.


As with most manufacturers of custom backpacks, Alpine Luddite offers a wide range of designs to choose from. In addition to these standard designs, they also produce a selection of “stand out” models that feature special printing and a selection of embellishments.

Of course, the best thing about the brand is that Alpine Luddite bags come in a range of colors. You can choose from a variety of pashmina bags in various colors, including “Tiger”, “High Gloss”, “Chintz” and “Spotted”. Also, you can find a large selection of fleece backed bags, including one called the Vermilyea Pellucopia that also features high quality materials and a plush interior. The Vermilyea Pellucopia offers a backpack that is suitable for overnight trips, is insulated and features zippered pockets and a padded shoulder pad.

Alpine Luddite Custom Bikes – How They Compare To Others

Looking around at what was readily available, came across an Alpine Luddite review site. Quickly looking around and it was obvious that John s packing style principle mirrored many of our ideas about sac style backpacks. He clearly knew what he was doing and his designs fit perfectly with what we at Custom Biking International strive to promote. The thing that struck us as we looked at the bag designs was the fact that each model offered a different use model, but all were clearly aimed at bikepackers.


I particularly like his attention to detail, which is apparent when you look at the full custom packs. Each bag model offers its own particular utility type, and this is evident in how many features are packed into each bag. Many of these have not been seen on bikepacks in the past, such as lockable drop-outs or extra storage space. We have seen these on other bike carriers before but never with such utility features built into them.


The biggest surprise for me was the attention to detail that was apparent in the Alpine Luddite Custom Bikes backpacks. From the detailed graphics on the side to the detailed graphic designs on the side of each bag, everything was clearly designed to give that extra touch. Everything fits together to give you that full custom bike pack experience.


The standard designs include three primary models. There is the Alpine Luddite Cargo, which has two big bottle compartments and one small bottle compartment with hook and loop closures. This backpack really offers more storage space than most bike backpacks but unfortunately doesn’t offer much in terms of style. In addition to the cargo bag, Alpine offers a hydraulic duffel bag that offers more storage than the standard designs including backpacks with compression straps. The hydraulic duffel bags are a great feature that can be used for many situations including day touring or overnight trips.


The other two backpacks that the Alpine Luddite Custom Bikes carries are the Alpine Luddite Duffel and the Alpine Luddite Slouch. These come with a lot of the same customization options found with the full custom packs, including embroidery and embroidered patches. The Alpine Duffel offers great shoulder padding as well as a padded hip belt and water resistant fabric throughout the bag. It’s a great bike carrier that is highly functional.


Alpine Luddite Custom Bikes is highly customizable with many different designs to choose from. Many of the backpacks offer modern designs while others have traditional designs. Either way, the customization is great and definitely something to consider if you’re looking for an innovative way to organize your bike. The quality of the bike carrier and the accessories included along with it is quite good as well. With this kind of carrier, you know that you’re getting what you pay for and the quality of the bag alone is worth the price.

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